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Adult Learning

Collarenebri Central School encourages parents and other community members to come in to the school to continue their learning.


Information Technology covers the basic setting up and use of computer hardware and a range of application software packages selected from word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentation graphics as well as multimedia software packages. Students will also develop skills needed to operate successfully in the workplace. 

This subject is for students:

       ·    who may want to learn the basics for home computer use,

·    who have a basic knowledge of computers and want to learn more about different applications for home including multimedia software

·    who wish to improve their skills to enter various areas of the information technology industry, office and secretarial occupations or home business.

Computers will also be available to community members who need to access information or complete online training such as the Driver Knowledge Test practice site, Centrelink site access etc.


 Next year the school is proposing starting a computer class for those community members who wish to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to perform office duties such as secretary or receptionist.


Childrens Services

This course is for people who wish to gain skills and qualifications to work as child-care workers/child care assistants in centre-based and family day care. In this course students will learn about organisation policies, procedures and individual children's profiles to plan activities and provide care to children, facilitating their leisure and play and enabling them to achieve their developmental outcomes. TAFE NSW 



This course is for people who want to develop the fundamental skills that are required for the design and manufacture of a range of projects using wood and other materials.  Students will learn a variety of techniques and skills while they design, build and finish projects, using timber and other materials, which may include furniture, everyday items and artworks. 


Fashion Fundamentals

This course is for people who want an introduction to basic design and to develop skills and knowledge to make clothing and other projects.  Depending on the electives selected, students will learn about different aspects of the fashion industry including pattern design and use, selecting fabrics and a limited range of product development processes such as basic pattern modification, machining, making and finishing of a simple garment. 

As students gain skills they may progress onto more detailed and more difficult garments and projects.  Students will also learn how to work safely and produce high quality projects.  This is a hands-on course that allows for some creative expression to develop and be displayed in the practical projects undertaken.  TAFE NSW


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